Wavefront custom surgery

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Technolas 217 plano-scan

 Technolas 217 plano-scan Laser vision correction has traditionally treated patients based on their optical or eyeglass prescription. In fact, the majority of patients who undergo LASIK or PRK are still treated with conventional laser vision correction. A new laser strategy such as the Technolas 217 plano-scan can produce absolutely fantastic visual results. Today with the advent of wave-front diagnostic technology guiding excimer laser treatment, patients now also have the opportunity for laser vision correction tailored to their own personal 'optical anatomy'.

Each eye has unique abnormalities in its wave-front characteristics. These abnormalities, called higher order aberrations, can be treated with LASIK or PRK. For example, coupling the information from the Zy-wave instrument with the Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217 excimer laser allows your Skyvision Centers surgeon to produce a truly customized treatment for your eye.

Wave-front MapCustom LASIK vision correction can dramatically improve the quality of your vision. For example, clinical data submitted to Bausch & Lomb showed that patients who qualified for a custom laser treatment had fewer problems with night driving than patients undergoing standard laser vision correction.