Lasik Testimonials

Laura TestimonialSo, I was terrified to have LASIK. It’s my eyes...I need to see (but who doesn’t, really) and after the surgery, as in RIGHT AFTER, Dr. White was standing next to my husband and I was sitting in recovery and, pointing to the clock on the far wall, Dr. White asks me, ‘What time is it?’ I look to the clock without thinking and I say 'ten to seven' and then a wave of relief, joy, realization, and shock came over me and I just started to cry because… I could see the clock on the wall… and read the time… it was a miracle!'

–Laura Pedersen

Timothy TestimonialI would like to thank you and your entire staff for the thorough, caring, and successful treatment which has been provided to me during the Lasik procedure and follow up.

Every patient probably approaches this elective surgery with diverse and personal motivations. In my case, the surgery was sought because of significant time sailing offshore. The conditions which frequently are encountered involve high winds, driven salt spray, and interrupted sleeping patterns due to watch standing requirements.

The use of contact lenses and glasses became a safety issue, caused by difficulty in inserting contact lenses on a pitching boat and being forced to see through glasses clouded by salt spray.

I have just recently completed my first offshore passage since the Lasik surgery (St. Thomas to Bermuda). The results of the surgery exceeded my expectations.

During that passage, a fellow crew member lost his glasses when they were blown off of his face during a severe squall. Because this man had no extra glasses, he was required to complete the trip wearing a dive mask that contained corrective lenses.

In summary, I obtained the results which were sought and am thrilled with the outcome.

-Timothy M. Bittel
Captain, USCG 100 tons

Patient TestimonialMy pre-LASIK story is a familiar one; never-ending struggles with contact lenses, uncomfortable glasses, and difficulty with daily tasks such as reading highway signs. Thanks to Dr. White and the SkyVision team, those problems are a thing of the past.

I am amazed at the improvement I experienced and sorry I waited so long. Since having the procedure performed, I have become aware of how much detail I was missing previously. Best of all, I can now do a range of activities – driving, reading, playing golf, etc. – without thinking about which glasses to wear.

Most importantly to anyone considering the LASIK procedure – the SkyVision team is fantastic. The entire process was explained to me in a clear and concise way, and the quality of care was incredible. I think the SkyVision difference will be apparent to anyone who visits their beautiful offices.

I encourage anyone considering LASIK to talk with Dr. White and his team.

-A delighted SkyVision patient