The Laser Vision Correction Process

Before The Surgery

Who is a good lasik candidate?

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A comprehensive complimentary consultation is conducted prior to a Laser Vision Correction (LVC) procedure to determine whether or not you are a good candidate. Prior to your consultation, if you are a contact lens wearer, you will need to leave your contact lenses out and wear glasses for a time determined by contact lens type.

Along with extensive measurements, our consultation is an exhaustive effort to make sure you are comfortable with and have the answers to all of your questions whether you may be a Lasik or PRK candidate. You will have a chance to meet with your surgeon, Dr. Darrell White to discuss the results of all of the testing.

Surgery Day

Upon arriving at the laser center, you may have additional pictures of your eyes taken.

Videos about Lasik and PRK are provided here for your viewing:

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LASIK surgery is painless and the entire LASIK procedure will take about 15-20 minutes. The laser itself will actually only be used for less than a minute and before the procedure the doctor will give you anesthetic eye drops so you don’t feel the procedure.

Dr. Darrell White will greet you along with his specially trained laser technician(s) who will guide you through your experience. After your lasers (Lasik or PRK) are complete you will have a quick examination, and then our laser coordinator will give you detailed instructions on what’s next!

The most important thing to do is go home and TAKE A NAP!! Don’t forget to have someone with you to drive you home after your laser.


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Whether you have LASIK or PRK you will have medicated eye drops to take after your surgery. Immediately after the procedure a Laser Coordinator will go over your post operative instructions and send you home with written instructions.

We see all of our patients on the day immediately following surgery for both LASIK and PRK and one of our SkyVision doctors will examine your eyes. Your personalized schedule of eyedrops will be reviewed with you by the doctors and technicians.

In general, Laser Vision Correction patients are seen for post-op visits on day one, at one to two weeks, three months, six months, and one year after surgery. PRK patients are seen a little bit more frequently, especially in the early days following laser. If you have had PRK you may continue to use some of your drops for a few months to enhance your healing.

At SkyVision we’ve found that ultraviolet light protection is very important after surgery. A good pair of sunglasses that blocks UV light should be worn at all times when you are outside whether you have had LASIK or PRK. We are particular fans of Maui Jim sunglasses for both vision quality and UV light protection. Ask your SkyVision doctor for a personal recommendation.