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I.P.L. (Intense Pulsed Light)

  Optima IPL

IPL has been a well-received addition to our Dry Eye menu of treatments.  The use of IPL is not new.  For the past 20 years, IPL has been used in aesthetic practices. The traditional use of this light is to get rid of sunspots, freckles, color imperfections in the skin, fine lines, and mild wrinkles. It gives more of a porcelain type of appearance to the skin. Time has proven that IPL treatment also helps with the inflammation that causes Dry Eye. 

Dry eye is an inflammatory eye disease. This inflammation damages the glands in the lower eyelid, leading to decreased oil production, loss of eyelashes and scarring and thickening of the lid margin. The oil is required to protect the ocular surface from drying out and is even important for good vision. The inflammation is caused by a cascading effect of the small blood vessels that your body produces in response to inflammation. They are weak and leak inflammatory products. Although tears may temporarily make your eyes feel better, they do nothing to address the cause of the inflammation.

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The only therapeutic procedure we have found to be successful at addressing the cause of this inflammation is IPL treatment. This convenient in-office IPL treatment will comfortably destroy the small blood vessels that cause inflammation and may even promote your glands to function better.

There may be times when a combination of treatments, such as Lipiflow plus IPL may be recommended.

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