OGA Inspired by Architects Comes to SkyVision Center

Functional Design, Architecture for Men... Coming Soon to SkyVision Center! Öga eyewear is designed for men, who are looking for sophisticated, functional frame… Öga frames are distinguished by design and unexpected combinations of materials like wood and titanium. Inspired by architecture, shapes enhance function and purity. Focused on function, Öga’s Scandinavian design is dedicated to…
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What’s New and Trending in Eye Care at SkyVision Center in 2016

Happy New Year! Here's what's trending and new at SkyVision Center for 2016. Millefiore, Skaga and Liu Jo Eyewear Collections! Where Venetian glass meets eyewear, here at SkyVision! The Millefiore Venetian glass bead eyewear is sure to be a favorite of our patients! Skaga is the leading eyewear brand in Scandinavia and offers elegant Scandinavian…
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Lasik – Achieve A Healthier, More Active Lifestyle for the New Year!

For the New Year many want to improve or simplify their lives in the upcoming year. Many of these resolutions revolve around improving yourself through a healthier, more active lifestyle, spending more time with family or saving money. The Benefits of Lasik: With the arrival of 2016, New Year’s resolutions are in full swing. Laser…
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