The Inlay & The Procedure

The Inlay & The Procedure

What Is the Inlay procedure like?
Most patients do not experience pain. The procedure is a laser assisted treatment similar to LASIK. Numbing eye drops will be placed in the eye prior to the procedure. The patient is given a sedative prior to the procedure to help them to relax, and to sleep after the procedure. The inlay placement takes roughly 10 minutes. You should expect to be at the center for up to two hours.

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What is the inlay made out of and how big is it?raindrop inlay
The Raindrop® Inlay is 80% water. Its properties are similar to that of the natural cornea. It was developed to facilitate nutrient and fluid flow to the eye. It is transparent. It resembles a water droplet. It is roughly the size of a pinhead and half the thickness of a human hair.

What is it like after the procedure?
Raindrop® allows you to resume normal activities such as driving and reading the
very next day. Your doctor will prescribe simple follow-up care.

How do I know if I’m a candidate for the inlay?

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