Can I Fly With This Eye

Can I Fly With This Eye?

Article from   Written by: Dan Gudgel   Reviewed by: Raj K Maturi MD     Jan. 03, 2017

We are often asked by our patients if air travel after their eye procedure is possible. 

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Learn what eye conditions should keep you on the ground and which won’t interfere with air travel

fly with this eyeThe American Academy of Ophthalmology often gets questions about whether recovery from eye surgery or having a specific condition means that the patient shouldn’t fly. If you have questions about your eye health, you should talk to your own ophthalmologist. But it’s important to know that there are some times when air travel really could be a danger to your eyes.

If you’ve had any kind of surgery, talk to your doctor about your travel plans. Find out what to expect after your surgery, so you know if you’re having a serious symptom. Consider staying close to home for a few days — or as long as recommended by your doctor — in case a problem comes up. And always keep your follow-up appointments so your doctor can make sure that you are healing as expected.

If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, ask your ophthalmologist if there are activities you should limit or avoid. Make sure you understand the doctor’s recommendations and ask questions about specific activities if you’re unsure.

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